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Support Services

Low Vision Support Service

This service is funded by East Sussex County Council and managed by Eastbourne Blind Society .    Patients attending the Eye Clinic at Eastbourne District General Hospital can be referred to the Low Vision Support Worker to assess their needs and to provide information and support as appropriate, including the opportunity to join local societies.

The patients will be visited, wherever they live in the county, and supported towards making informed decisions about their lives.

The recognition, by the County Council, of the need to provide this level of support to those with low vision is hugely significant and marks a real progress in the ongoing campaign to improve the lives of visually impaired people.

Similar services are also provided from Sussex Eye Hospital, Brighton and the Conquest Hospital, Hastings.


Vision Awareness

An important aspect of our service is to offer Vision Awareness training to individuals and organisations.    Experiencing some VA training can make a significant difference to the visually impaired people with whom you  have contact.   Please get in touch with us if you want to talk to us about this in more detail.